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Here are some comments from customers

** SIDE NOTE ...... Charles Danner's work can be seen on the cover and in the feature article of American Handgunner, Jan/Feb 1994; on the cover of Jack O'Conner's Gun Book, Wolfe Pub., 1992; and in La Connaissance Du Luger by G. Henrotin, Editions H & L dept. de la Societe Info Prospect sprl, 1996, Virton, Belgium

"Charles Danner of Fayetteville, Tennessee also is a very competent metal man whose rust bluing is identical in my eye to that found on early Remington guns." - This was excerpted from an article written by Jim Tipton, an expert on the Remington Model 11.

"Thanks for your excellent and dependable work." - John V. Martz, top U. S. custom Luger and P-38 builder, Lincoln, CA

"I wish to compliment you on the beautiful work you did on the L.C. Smith which I sent to you not long ago. I cannot tell you how many folk have commented on the quality of the acid blueing." - Richard K., Anchorage, AK

"I am very pleased with the beautiful job you did on my Luger. Some of my friends will be sending their guns to you." - Phil D., Villa Park, IL

"The rifle is better than I expected. You'll get my recommendation for any future work ....thanks again for a an excellent job." - Todd J., Lima, OH. (The gun was a Model 73 Winchester.)

"Everything arrived safely, and , as always, you did an excellent job! I couldn't be more pleased with both guns.: - Everett K., Brentwood, TN (The guns were a Luger and a Browning Hi-Power.)

"My Colt .45 looks as good as the day it left the factory!" - Larry J., Clark, NJ (The slide was blued to match the original blueing on frame.)

"The rust bluing on the S & W was excellent. Both myself and my customer are pleased." - Michael D., engraver, Evansville, IN (The gun was a fully engraved presentation grade revolver.)

"I think it is the best job I have seen on a gun in the condition mine was in for close to original. The barrel and tube were as close to original as could be, and as for the receiver -- perfect! - Joseph U., Buffalo, NY (The gun was a Winchester Model 12. This customer had been very concerned that his gun would be ruined by careless polishing.)

"I must tell you how pleased I am about the way the work turned out, the speedy delivery, and the overall professional manner in which you operate." - Jim F., Lincoln, NE (The gun was a Newton Arms Company rifle.)

"I am well satisfied with the Pieper barrels ..... it looks like a good solid blue which should last for a long time." - Harold R., gunsmith, Ypsilanti, MI (The work was a set of double barrels.)

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