Specializing in Rust-Blueing

The Polish

I emphasize the polish because it really is the very heart of the job. No matter how good the blue, a poor polish ruins the job. No doubt you have seen guns that had obviously been reblued. The least "smearing" of markings, rounding of edges, waviness of planes, "dishing" of screw holes are the marks of a poor polish and devalue the gun. My aim is not to fool anybody but to make the customer proud of a gun that looks mint instead of reblued.

This kind of polish takes longer and costs more than a short time on a polishing wheel would. Polishing wheels have their uses, but my use of them is quite limited, and even then I finish with hand polish.

By milling, filing, and hand polish, fairly rough guns can be restored, and many of them are worth the cost.

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