Specializing in Rust-Blueing

The Rust Blueing process

Rust blueing is the most durable of all blues. Many think it is the most beautiful. It produces a blue-black, lustrous satin finish - not shiny but not dull. Blue tones vary according to the steel alloy. It is the only correct blue for many older and finer guns. It is especially critical for sets of double gun barrels, since they can be damaged by salt (hot) blue. My process is termed "cold rust bluing." The metal is actually chemically rusted up to eight times. After each rusting it is boiled in pure water which turns the red rust to blue-black. All the loose rust is then carded off, and the whole process is repeated until a dark, uniform color is achieved. In this shop, the polish is the heart of the job. We polish by hand to leave flat planes, sharp edges, and clear markings. This can be expensive if the gun is rough, but the increased value of the gun can be worth it. The bluing process also involves a lot of handwork, so the number of parts, sight and stock furniture, etc. affects cost.

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